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Xbox Series S gets a Lunar New Year to revamp; however, good luck if you have the chance to purchase one.


The Year of the Tiger is nearing its end. To commemorate the Lunar New Year, Xbox has released an exclusive Xbox. The brand new Lunar New Year Xbox Series S is different. With its red and gold colors and the classic artwork on the console and controller, this version of Xbox is sure to draw a lot of attention. However, only a few people will have this particular console.

XBOX series S
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Call this brand new Xbox version Xbox beautiful can be described as an understatement. Xbox collaborated with Bu2ma (pronounced Bu-er-ma), a Chinese cartoonist, to design an Xbox unique in every aspect. The console and controller are decorated in the traditional Chinese artwork, with an impressive (if somewhat awkward) Tiger. The console’s body is almost entirely red; however, the bright hue is accentuated by the shining gold Chinese script.

The Lunar New Year Xbox was released on an Xbox News blog post and on Twitter. The company also explained the motive behind the color scheme of this console. “Inspired by the traditional Lunar New Year lucky colors, red and gold, the custom design represents wellbeing and fortune, offering goodwill toward all gamers,” said Cary Chen, Head of Xbox Greater China.

The console is gorgeous, but there’ll be fewer of them in the market. Xbox has produced just 15 of these custom Lunar New Year consoles, and many people will likely try to buy one.

The Lunar New Year Xbox Series S

XBOX tweet

If you’ve been planning to line up your wallet and thinking about how to pay a large amount of money to purchase this beautiful console, your bank account can rest easy in the knowledge that The Lunar New Year Xbox is not on sale to purchase. Instead, it’s a prize that can be won through three sweepstakes. However, excluding China, the odds of winning will be very tiny.

Citizens of China are scheduled to participate in sweepstakes held on Facebook and Twitter platforms WeChat and Bilibili starting on 25 January, at noon China Standard Time. If you’re not situated in China, You have only 1 chance of winning the particular edition console. Enter the official sweepstakes via Xbox’s Xbox Twitter account.

To try and win one of just fifteen consoles, you will have to follow the official Xbox account and retweet the giveaway tweet with #LunarNewYearXboxSweepstakes. The sweepstakes are open to anyone who is a member of Xbox Live, aged 18 or over (the complete list of eligible countries is available on this page. ) Additional rules and regulations apply, which you can check out on the official Xbox website. Visit Xbox’s Official Xbox website.

The world sweepstakes have been in operation since the beginning of the year and will close at 10 p.m. Pacific Time on Thursday, 3 February 2022. The chances of winning are low, but there’s no reason not to purchase one of these gorgeous consoles. In the end, there’s no other way to get the exclusive edition console if one of the winners decides to offer it for sale. We’re scared of the cost.

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