MicrosoftThis Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade will stop you from...

This Microsoft Windows 11 upgrade will stop you from using encrypted USB drives due to an error.



The most recent version of Mircrosoft Windows 11 will fix the issue of Windows security software BitLocker that accidentally encrypted the contents of USB drives.

This new rule allows administrators to ban devices with removable USB drives from BitLocker. A move that could prove helpful in many fields, including healthcare, where external devices are usually connected to computers with many users.

“This solves the problem of accidental or automated encryption of storage in particular devices like cameras, audio recorders, conference systems, medical video devices, and numerous others,” Microsoft says in the release announcement notes. Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel build number 22579. Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel preview build number 22579.

If an administrator makes the exclusion list of devices using the option “Deny writing access to removable drives that aren’t secured through BitLocker,” Users won’t be able to protect the storage on the device and are not required to preserve this storage device.

This policy can’t be altered by a management tool for Mobile devices (MDM) tools like Microsoft’s Intune. This is because it modifies the settings of profiles in the Open Mobile Alliance Uniform Resource Identifier (OMA-URI) settings.

Administrators must be able to identify and determine the devices they want to secure using automated methods using an identifier for devices.

Additionally, various designs are being released to users in testing, making this update extremely large for system-wide apps, like The Start Menu.

Microsoft has revamped its printing queue experience to be compatible with the Windows 11 design. Microsoft has changed it to ensure that apps running Win32 that use CPrintDialog can now be configured to display a “modern dialog for printing” that allows users to find local printers connected to the network and enable them to download them without touching their Settings app.

It’s also making changes to its “Open with” dialog box overhaul that was announced in version Build 22567 at the beginning of this month because of “performance issues” that it caused. Microsoft is contemplating reviving it shortly.

For developers using Windows Terminal, Microsoft is providing Windows Terminal command-line interface., Microsoft is updating the menu WIN + X to redirect the users towards Windows PowerShell when the Terminal has been removed.

Microsoft Microsoft has launched their Windows Terminal 1.0 version for 2020, allowing developers to run Command Prompt, PowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux inside one program.

If you are using Windows Terminal installed and want PowerShell to be opened in Windows Terminal, Microsoft recommends accessing the Settings tab, Privacy, and Security, then Developers. From there, you can choose Windows Terminal as the default terminal program.

Windows 11 users can now locate games folders in the start menu by creating an account and then clicking “Edit Name” to change the name. This means combining all your games into the ” Games ” folder.

This update includes suggestions for websites to pin within the Get Started Windows 11 helper application to allow users to pin web pages to the taskbar. Users can pin websites like WhatsApp and Netflix, and any other sites they use. The feature is currently only available in the US for English devices, and however, other nations or languages may be added soon.

Microsoft has updated the icon for the Run New Task function, which is now available on every page of Windows Task Manager. Windows Task Manager app.

The new features of Windows 11 in the enterprise are available to users as Microsoft prepares for an important announcement regarding how Windows 11 will lend itself to working in a hybrid. Microsoft will reveal the specifics at the beginning of April. Microsoft is looking to improve the user interface to enhance performance in a hybrid setting, and it’s also improving the essential Office applications like Teams and PowerPoint for hybrid work.


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