PlayStation NewsThe PlayStation VR2 leak is unpleasant News for a...

The PlayStation VR2 leak is unpleasant News for a Reasonable Justification.


In the past month, Sony revealed the new design for PlayStation VR2. PlayStation VR2, the next-generation VR headset, was designed with PlayStation 5 in mind. PS5 is designed with PS5 with the PS5 in.

The PlayStation VR2 leak is unpleasant News for a Reasonable Justification.
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In contrast to the model before it, VR2 is an entirely different experience. PS VR2 has an all-white display, and the controllers are cut into an orb-like shape to enhance the headset’s look. In addition, it gives gamers the chance to play games with a 360-degree perspective.

When Sony announced that production to make PlayStation VR2, PS VR2 was already underway. Last year. The company also stated it would launch sometime in 2021 and later. Unfortunately, today, the headset is not available in the marketplace for gaming consoles. Still, the Youtube channel “PSVR Without Parole” has made public an interview a few months ago that it will launch at the beginning of this year’s first quarter in 2023. Sony doesn’t yet verify this release date; however, as with all leaks of this kind, you need to consider this information with a grain of salt. But, there’s reason to think this is the case. PS VR2 PS VR2 will be released in 2023, not 2022: PS5 consoles are still out of inventory.

PS5 supply still hasn't met consumer demand

PS5 supply still hasn't met consumer demand
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According to “PSVR With No Parole,” Many consumers were hoping for PS VR2 to be released during the holiday season of 2022, which is about Q4 in that calendar year. However, the reality is that Sony hasn’t announced if it will launch within the timeline, considering that the inventory of PS5 isn’t enough to meet the demand for 15 months following the launch date, as it’s still struggling with the present shortage of semiconductors worldwide that caused by COVID-19’s virus. In addition, PS VR2’s design indicates that it’s only designed for PS5, which means that Sony is moving toward an incremental departure from PS4 that places users who have an older console and not the newer ones at a disadvantage.

“The dependency upon PS5 is the reason PS VR2 can’t succeed without having a solid PS5 base of installs. So the introduction of a PS VR2 headset into a world without PS5s could be detrimental to future PS VR2 sales but also create a large number of people more annoyed because they’re already frustrated,” the channel’s help.

Although pre-orders for the PS VR2 go live now and are on the verge of being fulfilled, customers have difficulty locating PS5 PS5 despite efforts to stop scalpers every time Sony and retailers publish Restocks on social media. But, PS5 restocks will remain limited for a while due to the persistent supply chain issues with the consoles. This is why Sony keeps the PSVR2’s launch date close to its chest.

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