HeadphonesThe EPOS Active noise control headset H3PRO HYBRID Comes...

The EPOS Active noise control headset H3PRO HYBRID Comes with New Paints


The headset comes with everything a console and PC gamer could ever want AAC 19, hours of gaming wirelessly, multiple-connectivity options, and comfort. It’s now available with these slick colors (have you ever looked at these images and wondered what they look like? ). 

The H3PRO Hybrid needs to be looked at when looking for new cans.


EPOS Active noise control Headset

The H3PRO Hybrid offers high-quality audio for console and PC gamers as well. It can be connected to the action using an ultra-low latency dongle or USB cable compatible with PS5, PC, PS5, and PS4. The headset can also connect with Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mac using the 3.5-millimeter cable. The broad range of connectivity options allows gamers to enjoy the flexibility of wireless connectivity without any hassle or delay.

EPOS Active noise control Headset

The H3PRO Hybrid is intuitively designed to provide style, length, and full immersion. The sleek design attracts attention while keeping out the bulk. The stainless-steel slider inside the headband, the adjustable ears, ear cups that can be replaced with pads, and 30 hours of battery life mean that this headset is comfortable during games of all lengths and can be tailored to fit any person. The H3PRO Hybrid’s design lets you concentrate completely on ergonomic earcups that protect gamers’ ears from the outside world.

EPOS Active noise control Headset
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