NEWSThe breaking Gaming News For January 25, 2022

The breaking Gaming News For January 25, 2022


Halo Infinite reaches 20 million players. Respawn is developing three brand new Star Wars games, and The Rock is starring in another notable video game film.

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There is plenty of exciting news to look forward to today, including some impressive figures of Halo Infinite and the confirmation that Respawn is developing three brand-new Star Wars games. The Internet is also playing around with guessing what video game The Rock will be in next.

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Respawn Is generating research On Three New Star Wars Games

Today we received an officially confirmed by EA and Respawn that three brand new Star Wars games are being developed and give us a glimpse of what these games are likely to appear. The games are the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the first-person shooter set within the Star Wars universe headed by Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond director Peter Hirschmann, and a game developed in conjunction together with Bit Reactor, a new indie studio made up of the former Xcom developers.


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The Rock Is converting " The Most Enormous Badass Games" Into A Movie

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is no stranger to video game adaptation. He’s been in movies like the Jumanji remake Doom and Rampage. In the present, The Rock will be starring as a character in the sequel to a video game. However, he stops short of revealing what the game will be. The only hint he offered was the fact that it’s a game that The Rock has “played for years”, suggesting that a long-running video game is about to be made into a movie. It could be that The Rock is a fan of a particular game.

Halo Infinite Have gained 20 Million Players Since inauguration

A new and exciting announcement is from Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella, who has revealed that Halo Infinite has amassed over 20 million users in its first week of release and is the biggest launch of the franchise’s history. The fact that multiplayer is free to play contributed to the success in this regard, as was the single-player game launch via Xbox Game Pass, but it’s clear that this is a sign that the Halo franchise is getting back on track after a few years of shaky performance.

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Trophies are carried over between PS3 to PS4

Sony’s potential move into backwards compatibility was revealed the other night when everyone’s PS4 trophy was briefly taken off the trophy list and replaced by empty images next to the PS3 logo. Thankfully the situation is back to normal, and this is further evidence that Sony might be trying to work out any kinks with backwards compatibility.


Does the Raven ask to let go of my solitude?

In the final analysis, we have alarming news about the strike of QA employees within Raven Software. A letter sent to Raven employees has been revealed it is the case that Raven Software’s QA department is being separated and integrated with the other departments of the developer. It would be viewed as an easy organizational change; however, the recent vote of the union has raised the possibility that management at Raven might have acted to split the blocks of striking QA workers, which makes organizing more difficult.

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