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The 7 Best Soldering Pencils Reviews & Buying Guide [2022]


This article is all about buying guides to help buyers to spend their money on valuable things. In this article 7, best soldering pencils are selected for buyer guidance, and their advantages, capacities are mentioned and also amazon links are given so that buyers do not have to search for them. NOW COME TOWARD THE THEORY:   You previously have a soldering station in your workshop, then you might not be interested in buying a soldering gun. Since a soldering gun consists of both the soldering tip and the heating element, that will not work with your present soldering station.

If you want something to go along with your soldering station, then you should reconsider getting something like the best soldering pencils declared later on because of these features:

Wattage: Whether you are buying a soldering iron or a soldering pencil, you would want it to be as strong as possible. Therefore, make sure to check its wattage rating. Usually, soldering pencils differ between 50 and 60 watts where a soldering pencil with a greater wattage rating will be more powerful.

Temperature Range: Additional to checking the wattage, you can also look up the temperature range of your soldering pencil. Normally, soldering pencils have temperature ranges of around 300 degrees Fahrenheit to 800 degrees Fahrenheit or something comparable.

Warranty: When speaking about tools like soldering irons, you would want yours to last for as long as achievable. Therefore, you should contemplate checking the warranty of your soldering pencil. Moreover, though not all of them may offer a warranty, some models offer a 7-year warranty and some even hold a lifetime warranty.

These factors can be considerably handy while buying these pencils. However, when it comes to buying the classic one, there is more to know. This includes their relevant specifications and organizations as well as a complete and fit detailed “Buying Guide” that you can obtain by going through this article continuously the end for buying the best soldering pencil.

Best Soldering Pencils

Baitaihem Replacement Solder Handle60 watts392 degrees
Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit
Weller Soldering Pencil50 watts350 degrees Fahrenheit to 850 degrees Fahrenheit7 years
Weller Pencil Thin Soldering Iron12 watts800 degrees Fahrenheit7 years
Miyako Heavy Duty Soldering Iron50 watts842 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit---
JACOBSPARTS Pencil Soldering Iron60 watts361.4 degrees FahrenheitLifetime
Topzone Pencil Type Soldering Iron30 watts----10 days
American Beauty Pencil Soldering Iron150 watts1010 degrees Fahrenheit---

Top Soldering Pencils Reviews

1.Baitaihem Replacement Solder Handle

Baitaihem Replacement Solder Handle

Baitaihem Replacement Solder Handle


Baitaihem is a viable alternative if you want something extremely powerful yet affordable for your soldering requirements as most of its offerings are pretty powerful.
The Baitaihem soldering pencil appears at the 1st position of this list since you get a much large temperature range from it. To be specific, this soldering pencil can go from 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit.
You can get such great achievement from the soldering pencil because of its wattage rating of 60 watts. although since this kind is small and on the affordable view, it needs any kind of warranty.

Best Features
Consumes 60 watts of the power Temperature range of 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit Comes with a warranty period of 1 year

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent temperature range
  • High value for money soldering pencil
  • Great wattage warranty
  • Lacks any form of warranty

2. Weller Best Soldering Pencil


Outside of all the different brands of soldering irons and pencils out there, Weller is one of the most popular ones for its strong yet extremely strong offerings.

Weller’s PES51 soldering pencil comes at the 2nd position of this article because this can be an excellent option if you want something important but also want it to satisfy for a long time. Starting with its performance, this pencil goes from 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 850 degrees Fahrenheit which is on the more expensive side.

Because this well folding pencil can offer this kind of achievement while having a watts rating of 50 watts, it can be acknowledged as an extremely useful one. Being a reputable brand of soldering pencils, the given warranty period of 7 years long is to be required at the negotiated price tag.

Best Features
Consumes 50 watts of the power Temperature range of 350 degrees Fahrenheit to 850 degrees Fahrenheit Comes with a warranty period of 7 years

Pros & Cons

  • Quite a reliable soldering pencil
  • Pretty decent performance
  • Efficient yet powerful
  • Slightly on the expensive side

3. Weller Pencil Thin Best Soldering Iron


We have however another soldering pencil from Weller here in this article which appears to be considerably more affordable than the previous one but a fairly safe option.

This Weller WM120 soldering pencil comes at the 3rd position of this article as it can be a fabulous option for those who want a strong one but not an extremely powerful one. Unhappily, obtaining a low-power soldering pencil means that you only get a solidified temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit with that.

A fabulous thing about this pencil from Weller is that you do not have to bother about power consumption because it has a very low wattage rating of 12 watts. And just like the previous Weller soldering pencil stated above, this one also holds a 7-year warranty.

Best Features
Consumes 12 watts of power Temperature rating of 800 degrees Fahrenheit Comes with a warranty period of 1 year

Pros & Cons

  • Viable reliable soldering pencil
  • Low power consumption
  • Relatively cheaper soldering pencil
  • Fixed temperature rating

4. Miyako Heavy-Duty Best Soldering Iron

Miyako Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron
Miyako Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron

Miyako is a proportionately smaller brand on our list. But the brand is recognized for generating high-performance soldering means that will arrange the job done.

This soldering iron comes with a 50 watts tip that becomes heated up to 842-896 degrees within some seconds utilizing the mica heater. The heat that has been produced quickly dissipates to guarantee the longevity of the soldering iron. Moreover, this soldering iron uses a ceramic heater as the heating element that frequently has an extended lifespan.

The soldering iron highlights an ergonomic design with an ABS plastic strengthened handle that allows you to hold it securely and safely. Additionally, the handle has an anti-slippery characteristic that allows you to maintain the soldering iron without any hand fatigue. Additionally, the lightweight nature guarantees that you accomplish precision soldering.

Best Features
Consumes 50 watts of power Temperature range of 842 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Offers decent power
  • Lasts longer
  • Warranty is not specified

5. JACOBSPARTS Pencil Best Soldering Iron


If you need your soldering pencil to continue for a very long time, then you can perform with Delcast and its soldering pencil offerings like the one mentioned down below.

Delcast’s JY60-A soldering pencil is much more secure when analyzed with most other soldering pencils available in the market. Different from that it also allows pretty good performance with its given wattage rating of 60 watts.

Unluckily, this soldering pencil is not for those who want an adaptable one since you only perceive a fixed temperature rating of 361.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Coming to the best thing about this soldering pencil, you would love the experience that it holds a lifetime warranty performing it much more stable than most utmost other choices out there.

Best Features
Consumes 60 watts of power Temperature range of 361.4 degrees Fahrenheit Comes with a lifetime warranty period

Pros & Cons

  • Excellent option for long term usage
  • Quite a high wattage rating
  • Includes lead solder in the box
  • Does not offer a variable temperature

6. Topzone Pencil Type Best Soldering Iron


Topzone can be a different viable alternative if you want a soldering pencil that is affordable but still contributes a decent appearance.

This Topzone soldering pencil is an entry-level contribution and a moderately helpful alternative for those of you who are on a budget. Beginning with its performance numbers, you get a power rating of 30 watts.

Nevertheless, Topzone does not mention any kind of temperature rating with this soldering pencil which can be a disappointment for some buyers. That being announced, one of the best things about the soldering pencil is that you get several accessories included inside the box. You also get a 10-day warranty combined with it which is more genuine than nothing.

Best Features
Consumes 30 watts of power Comes with a warranty period of 10 days

Pros & Cons

  • Cheap soldering pencil
  • Offers various handy accessories
  • Decent performance numbers
  • Does not mention any temperature rating

7. American Beauty Pencil-Style Best Soldering Iron


American Beauty Tools is a one-stop solution for all your soldering requirements. It produces and sells an expanded range of soldering tools including soldering irons, solder pots, soldering stations, ergo irons, and related soldering accessories.

This a heavy-duty soldering iron that appears with 150 watts and can heat up to a temperature of 1010 degrees F. That practices a special Ni-Chrome heating alloy that is durable and can endure high temperatures without supporting damage. The tip of the soldering iron is shaped in the form of a diamond that enhances accuracy when you are soldering.

The soldering iron comes with a plug-style design tip that helps a great and durable heat transfer. Moreover, it is also more straightforward to clean the tip after you have finished soldering. The pencil-style iron highlights modular architecture that allows you to replace consumable parts conveniently. It weighs 1.85 lbs and measures 13 inches in length.

Best Features
150-watt soldering iron Temperature rating of 1010 degrees Fahrenheit Ni-Chrome alloy heating element

Pros & Cons

  • Most powerful option
  • Offers high-temperature output
  • Durable and lasts longer
  • No variable temperature
  • A bit heavy
  • Warranty is not specified


Moreover, though a soldering pencil is considerably comparable to a soldering iron in times of its functioning, these are made for many applications. While a soldering iron has the tip and the heating element, a pencil simply has the soldering tip. Alternatively, these are meant to work along with your current soldering station.

If you also have one, then you can get something like the best soldering pencils presented up earlier. Although, if you are nevertheless not able to buy one, then you can easily get one of our approved instructions for the best soldering pencils:

  • In fact that you want a good soldering pencil, then you can consider the JACOBSPARTS Pencil Soldering Iron. This is the only benefit stated above that holds a lifetime warranty. as for its completion, you get a voltage rating of 60 watts. Though, it has a fixed temperature rating of 361.4 degrees Fahrenheit which can be a disappointment for some buyers.
  • Talking about the temperature range, the Baitaihem 64-053 soldering pencil appears to be the most talented option here. Besides this, you get an extraordinary cold range of 392 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit. All of this is possible thanks to its 60 watts of power rating.
  • Since not everyone has the budget for a premium soldering pencil, Miyako Heavy-Duty Soldering Iron post offers a notable affordable one. Unlike what you would require from a budget contribution, this one has a wattage rating of 50 watts. As a consequence, it can contribute a pretty decent temperature range of 842 degrees Fahrenheit to 896 degrees Fahrenheit.
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