Smart WatchesSamsung Galaxy Watch codename indicates the approaching 'Pro' model.

Samsung Galaxy Watch codename indicates the approaching ‘Pro’ model.


In the past, Samsung launched two variants within the Galaxy Watch 4 series. Samsung might add a brand new model in the coming year, offering customers a higher-end option.

Sources familiar with Samsung’s plan have disclosed codenames for its forthcoming Wear OS wearables (via GalaxyClub). In all, there are three codenames available “Heart-S,” “Heart-L,” and “Heart-Pro.” Naturally, it’s difficult to determine the information based on the codenames; however, sources have paired the codenames to model numbers. Heart-S refers to model number SM-R90x. Heart-M is associated with the model number of SM-R91x. The former is the smaller size of the forthcoming Galaxy Watch 5, with the latter being more of a model.

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Perhaps the most intriguing detail from this latest news story is the name code, Heart-Pro, connected to Model Number SM-R92x. It’s not an exclusive report about the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro model. The latest reports suggest that the Pro model might be released soon. We’re not certain if the new smartwatch will be branded as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or otherwise, but it is expected to be available in a single size.
There has been little information about Samsung’s new version of Galaxy Watches. However, we know that the next watches may come with larger batteries inside. The smaller model is expected to come with 276mAh batteries, and the bigger model will come with a battery of 398mAh. Both versions are slightly larger than the models included in the current Galaxy Watch 4 lineup.

Although we know very little about it, information about an upcoming Pro model is thrilling. Previous to this, Samsung had offered 2 distinct models within their Galaxy Watch series. It will be interesting to see how different the Pro model is and the rationale for the new model once it is added to the Galaxy Watch lineup.

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