NEWSRaspberry Pi Brings Nine Game Boy Together as One

Raspberry Pi Brings Nine Game Boy Together as One


To make up for all the years when you wanted a larger screen.

(Image credit: Kgsws)

The Raspberry Pi and gaming from the past have been two peas in pea; however, this project from creator Kgsws pushes the limits of this connection. Utilizing our favorite SBC, which is called the Raspberry Pi, Kgsws can control several Game Boy LCD screens simultaneously.

In a demonstration video uploaded on YouTube, Kgsws uses nine separate Game Boy screens arranged in grid-like patterns. He is using the tenth Game Boy to load a game and play. The video is shown on nine screens on one screen.

The development of this project involved extensive research into the Kgsws’s component. The explanation of the LCD signal’s interpretation is provided in the created demo video. In addition, this project was designed to alter the Raspberry Pi to output videos to the screen.

Since the Raspberry Pi runs Linux OS entirely, it’s also capable of displaying video from desktops, using its Game Boy LCD array as an output to the Pi. In the demonstration, Kgsws loaded up a quick Minecraft session and could also be seen surfing the internet. Additionally, 8 of these panels can be used as a Game Boy LCD clock.

To take a deeper glimpse of this project, look at the original video uploaded on YouTube by Knows. Make sure to look over the source code on GitHub.

Aizaz khan
Aizaz khan
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