NEWSPutting crypto in your dating profile makes you more...

Putting crypto in your dating profile makes you more desirable


According to new research, putting crypto in your dating profile makes you more desirable, yet the crypto community has reservations about online dating.

  • Thirty-three per cent of Americans tend to go on an intimate date with someone who listed cryptocurrency in their profiles. A majority of men while 25 per cent of females participated in the survey of 2,000 adults living in the United States between the ages of 18-99.
  • Most of those surveyed thought they’d like to go on a third date with someone who paid the first date with Bitcoin (BTC).
  • Hailey Lennon, an attorney of Anderson Kill and the founder of Crypto Connect, told Cointelegraph that she didn’t add Bitcoin to her profile on dating sites at first but later added it since the digital currency has been an ongoing pastime of hers.

According to new research, putting crypto in your dating profile makes you more desirable, yet the crypto community has reservations about online dating. However, cryptocurrency has quickly become one of the most talked-about topics in 2022. Therefore, it’s not surprising that including crypto on your dating profile could draw more attention.

Based on a study done by eToro, 33 per cent of Americans would be more likely to be attracted to people who have stated that they are using cryptocurrency in their profiles. In addition, a majority of males and 25% of women who took part in the online study of over 2,000 senior residents from The United States between the ages between 18 and 99 said that they are interested when they see the word crypto in a profile on dating sites, it boosts their curiosity about potential dates.



These results from the first eToro Crypto & Culture poll, according to Callie Cox, a U.S. analyst in the area of investment, illustrate the relationship between money, culture, and personal identity. The study covered various issues related to identity and its significance to it within the realm of cryptocurrency. The purpose of the study was to gain a better understanding of how people think about their significant decisions and to discover the right partner, Cox explained.

In this context, Cox noted that one of the report’s most interesting findings is that 33 per cent of the respondents were keen on meeting others who have included cryptocurrency in their profile. This suggests that when people look for a companion on an online dating website, they associate money, love, and the person they’re said to be. Cox added that 74 per cent of respondents would likely spend an additional night with someone they have paid for the first date’s bill using Bitcoin (BTC). Additionally, we were interested in finding those views on the subject of cryptocurrency as a means to trade. We were astonished to see this large percentage of users that speaks to the legitimacy.

The data suggest that crypto-related people or holders willing to scrutinise the public might be more inclined to apply for the meeting. Cox said that Gen Y and Gen Z respondents comprised the majority of those who took part in the study. Every person was required to provide their personal information. However, as she explained, most responses came from younger generations. When it is time to use crypto as a payment method, Cox explained that research done by eToro indicates that paying bills using Bitcoin is more appealing to males than women.


Although the eToro survey has shown that using the word “crypto” makes people more attractive, some members of the crypto community believe that using the term “crypto” is a double-edged sword. For instance, Hailey Lennon, a lawyer at Anderson Kill and the founder of Crypto Connect, told Cointelegraph that she’d not yet added Bitcoin to her profile for a while. However, she finally did because digital currency is an ongoing pastime. Although Lennon hasn’t noticed a significant increase in the number of people responding on her profiles since adding Bitcoin, however, she’s had a few matches which caught her eye due to share things they have in common:

The people who Bitcoin enthrals have a few points in common. For instance, when they share photos of me wearing a Bitcoin hat, it will likely be seen by those interested in this area. I’ve also tweeted that I’ve met my soul mate after meeting people who have the word “Bitcoin” on their profiles. So it does indicate a shared interest and the capacity to talk about and communicate the same interests.

However, Lennon cautioned that including terms related to cryptocurrency in your online profile could cause issues. Sometimes, I’ll modify how I present things to say that I’m a financial tech lawyer and do not mention Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency so that it isn’t a stale argument over Bitcoin and the actions they perform to make the cash they make. It’s also intriguing to try and describe why you’re a lawyer in the area that deals with digital assets for people who are still adamant about relating cryptocurrency with the false belief that it’s only used to finance crimes and launder money, as stated by Lennon.

Furthermore, even though Lennon enjoys the results of the survey by eToro exciting but she also mentions that many of the users of crypto are so focused on the digital currency they use in their daily lives that they prefer not to have conversations about non-crypto related topics with their loved ones when they are in romantic relationships. For example, if people learn about your job and you’re on a date, it could be a conversation about Bitcoin and how it works. However, this can be boring and reduce enthusiasm and pleasure.

Ivan Perez, the owner of Multiplied, the PR firm that focuses on crypto, has informed Cointelegraph that after adding work and investment in crypto to his online dating sites, he’s met three times with women working in the crypto world. Although Perez acknowledged that sharing information can be beneficial, he admitted that each date with a person from the crypto community had been more of a work-related affair than enjoyable. Perez declared that all we discussed was crypto.

Perez stated that the use on his profile of “crypto” on his dating profile on the internet had attracted attention that is not his. Someone might be interested in my profile and say something like, I’m working in crypto, great! or something similar. If we go into a relationship, we’ll typically spend 10 to 20 minutes talking about cryptocurrency and what they do. A few women are interested in the financial aspect. I’ve had numerous conversations in which the subject of crypto dominates discussions.

The use of cryptocurrency can make dating difficult, according to Perez. Since NFTs are receiving more attention from mainstream media, I’ve noticed that women at conferences seek cryptocurrency-savvy individuals. This can be a problem because it could make you doubtful about your abilities. Are these women concerned about me or the industry that they work in? Perez inquired.

Creating a profile for a woman on the internet could result in issues. Although Jessica Salama is the community manager for the GoodDollar Foundation, a non-profit which focuses on financial education as well as digital assets, believes that adding bitcoin to her account has boosted her profile of her, she thinks that this isn’t the most appropriate reason:

They indeed got more matches, but after that, the mansplainers popped up. Being a part of Web3 — which is still dominated by males — is not without its difficulties. It’s tiring to keep clear of mansplainers in the workplace as well as when you’re on Tinder.

As per Salama Men, Mansplainers are males who believe that women aren’t aware of the basics of blockchain. But the industry of cryptocurrency is still primarily male-dominated, which poses a problem for women who wish to be. On the plus part, Salama is aware that she’s part of a transformational sector that is advantageous when seeking romance. At a dinner with an acquaintance, they came across an extraordinary individual who had a background in trading cryptocurrency and showed sincere interest and respect for my work and love for Web3. We spoke for hours. Salama said they could not claim they were in love because the relationship was slowing down (we were having a conversation? ), but he did give me the motivation to be a voice for the things they’re doing and be open to what they want.


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