PlayStation NewsPlayStation Unintentionally Leaks Major PS5 Controller News

PlayStation Unintentionally Leaks Major PS5 Controller News


Sony PlayStation game controller

This PS5 controller is among the most popular features of the brand new PlayStation controller. In addition to the dynamic triggers and the haptic feedback, the controller offers an experience that isn’t available on Nintendo Switch or the Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch. It’s a fantastic controller, but it’s not possible to upgrade its firmware without having access to PS5 or PS5. This is a significant drawback for PC users with the controller. However, it appears like this issue is being fixed.

With PlayStation having so many titles on the PC market, it’s impossible to explain why PC owners currently aren’t able to update the firmware on DualSense. DualSense with the help of the PS5. Sony hasn’t officially announced the situation is changing; however, the cached and deleted license agreement with Sony has leaked out as much.

This leak does not just mean PC owners can update the PS5 controller, but it also indicates that PC owners will have the ability to count on the support of official sources in the future.

At the moment, you should consider everything with an eye on the horizon until Sony will officially release the information. Of course, we didn’t require this leak to know that Sony was planning to fix this issue eventually. It was expected; however, this leak conveys the message that the update is coming soon, whereas previously, there was no timeframe on the date for when we can expect this to take place because PlayStation is known for moving in its way in regards to issues like this which is, in other words, that it’s slow.

As of the time of publication, Sony hasn’t addressed this leak. Sony doesn’t comment on leaks and rumours, so we can’t predict this will change. However, should it do, then we’ll be sure to update this report accordingly.


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