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Orange debuts Deep Sleep Mode with SoftAtHome in the WiFi 6E version of the new Livebox


Orange debuts Deep Sleep Mode with SoftAtHome in the WiFi 6E version of the new Livebox

The box will be available alongside Orange’s new Livebox 6.

The most recent version of Livebox 6 is believed to be “eco-responsible.” It offers one of the best WiFi experiences currently about latency and bandwidth in use. The box is equipped with WiFi 6E, and it’s compatible with the new Orange app. Orange et Moi lets users manage livebox settings from within their phones. Livebox direct from phones.

The Orange et Moi mobile app assists in installing at home and provides live data to assist you in fixing issues through self-diagnosis. It can also help you find the best repeaters in the home using an animated map of your network and speed-testing capabilities.

SoftAtHome’s Wifi’ON smart WiFi device is the sole source of power for Livebox 6. The software company claims that users will have better connectivity within their homes and enjoy a more comfortable Internet experience because of the latest-generation WiFi capabilities offered by the standard 6E, with speeds for WiFi that up to two Gbps can upgrade. The additional radio spectrum and automated tri-band steering of 2.4, 5GHz, 2.4GHz, and the 6 GHz bands reduce the amount of traffic on your network and improve your experience in your living room or watching television.

Livebox 6 also has an automated green mode. Livebox 6 also has an automatic greenway. If no device with WiFi 6E is discovered, the 6 GHz band automatically switches off, and it will not be active until a device equipped with WiFi 6E connectivity is located. Users can select to switch on the light or deep sleep mode to reduce the power consumption by less than 0.3 W. These modes can be changed easily from the mobile application and the touchscreen on the gateway.

Livebox 6 integrates SoftAtHome’s Connect’ONto improve the quality of Services and offer the fastest speed of data. The home network’s services include connected users to access top-quality devices, like parental control, or guest WiFi, that are all accessible. Orange’s latest gateway is the first equipped with a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port, enabling the use of 2Gbps end-to-end bandwidth.

“At Orange, we have been developing new products with our supplier SoftAtHome. SoftAtHome was among the first box that was sold with a deep sleeping mode. In partnership, we’ve provided one of the strongest WiFi systems available as also home connectivity products and services,” said Laurent Feurer, Director of the product marketing department of broadband and telecom services for Orange. “With this, we’ve launched our brand-new Livebox 6 that includes WiFi 6E, our French customers will be among the first to enjoy the latest WiFi technology based on the latest standards in WiFi. “

“With the latest requirements for WiFi post-pandemic and demands, the entire SoftAtHome team was committed to making sure that the latest version of Livebox 6 was up to the challenge,” added David Viret-Lange as director of SoftAtHome. “We are delighted with Orange’s new faith in our capabilities regarding the Connected the Home Experience.” Connected Home Experience. “

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