PC GUIDESLogitech launches The Lift Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Logitech launches The Lift Ergonomic Vertical Mouse


Logitech officially announced its Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse, its most recent vertically designed wireless mouse. Unlike the standard mouse, the vertical mouse was specifically designed to decrease the strain and fatigue associated with using an ergonomic mouse.

In that regard, the Lift features a naturally curved appearance, and, at an initial glance, it appears much like a smaller version of the earlier MX Vertical mouse. But the Lift is a different model. The mouse is specifically designed for users with hands of a medium to small size.

Other Lift specifications are:

  • The comfortable rubber grip and comfortable thumb rest.
  • A 57deg vertical design.
  • The angled side buttons help relieve pressure from the wrist and encourage an ergonomic forearm position all day long.

As with most of Logitech’s non-gaming accessories, these wireless mouse comes with the SmartWheel with a silent magnetic motor that switches between speedy and precise scrolling. Regarding the DPI range, the mouse can be adjusted between 400 to 4000 DPI; it can be fully adjusted between 100 DPI increments.

The mouse’s power requires just one AA battery. This battery is expected to last approximately 24 months. But it is mentioned that the type and brand kind of battery you choose will affect the duration of the battery to differ.
The Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is scheduled to launch this month. It is priced at RM299 and comes in three colors: Rose, Graphite, and Pale Grey. It can also be purchased with left-handed versions.

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