GoogleIn the near-term future, Google's est Hub could also...

In the near-term future, Google’s est Hub could also include an iPad that could be separated from it


In the near-term future, Google's nest Hub could also include an iPad that could be separated from it.
A second generation Google Nest Hub (Image source: Google)

There hasn’t been a completely new google Nest Hub since March 2021, when sleep sensing capabilities were integrated into the device’s display. If the new report is true, the new generation of the device might include a detachable display that doubles as a tablet.

According to insider sources who spoke with 9to5Google. The third-generation Google Nest Hub is planned to be launched sometime in 2022. However, at the moment we don’t have any information regarding it.

We’re not sure what the screen size would have to be (the options currently offered by the Nest Hub options are 7 inches and 10 inches). We don’t know exactly what the price will be. But, this information is in line with earlier reports which suggest Google may be investing in the tablet market.

Optional software

If Google did indeed plan the introduction of a new Nest Hub equipped with the ability to detach its display, it begs the issue of which operating system it will be using. The tablet-friendly and recently unveiled Android 12L may be an option that will allow full Android apps to be supported.

The problem is that Google might stick to its simpler Cast software, which runs on the 2nd generation Nest Hub, which has had several updates recently. There is an opportunity that the new device will have the latest Fuchsia OS – that operating system is currently used in the initial generation Nest Hub.

Another question is when Google will launch the next Nest Hub official. It’s crucial to remember that this is the year’s Google IO 2022 event for developers, and it has been used to show the latest hardware in the past. This year’s event is scheduled to begin on the 11th of May.

Analysis: Smart speakers continue to develop

First smart speakers were introduced, which was triggered by the launch and the subsequent success that came after the introduction of Amazon Echo. The next step was to create a smart speaker, which had an LCD. Once again, Amazon set the standard on the market by launching the Amazon Echo Show featuring a variety of sizes.

There is speculation regarding the possibility that Apple could equip its HomePod’s new HomePod with a display like it did in its Amazon Echo Show and the Google Nest Hub. This implies that all three smart speakers will come with the ability to display a smart screen in their names.

The initial attraction of smart speakers was their simplicity. Still, the screen could offer a wide range of capabilities, such as utilising the screen to pick features and options instead of talking into the speakers.

The removable screen takes it one step further, letting people manage their smart home from any location. The additional benefits are obvious, and if Google can achieve the feat, it would help them gain an edge in the market for smart devices.


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