NEWSGoogle Chrome has changed after eight years - and...

Google Chrome has changed after eight years – and everyone is saying the exact that Google Chrome has changed.


PEOPLE are taking a swipe at Google’s latest Chrome logo, pointing out adjustments that many will not be able to.

Tech giants were criticized on social media for their new design, which is essentially identical to the previous version.

google chrome logo

“Good lord, someone gets paid to design this stuff,” one user wrote on Twitter.
“My younger kid, 16 years old, can do better than that,” another person said.
“If you hadn’t mentioned it, we wouldn’t have noticed,” another person added.
On an entirely important note, some people have claimed that the new design is more difficult for people who are colour blind to perceive.

The subtle change obliterates shadow, and the blue circle appears larger.
The colours have also been boosted.
It is the first time that Google has changed its logo in over eight years.
It appears that the move was carried ahead to “align with Google’s more modern brand expression”.

Spot the difference?Credit: Google

google chrome logo
New logoCredit: Google

In reality, every logo can be slightly different according to your device.

“You might wonder, “why to bother with sth so simple?” one of the firm’s designers, Elvin Hu, tweeted.

“We customize Chrome’s experience for each operating system and include features such as native window Occlusion on Windows and day-one M1 support for macOS and iOS, Widgets on Android along with Materials You on Android.

“We want our brand to convey the same level of care.”

She said that the company had considered the possibility of something “more different” but ultimately chose a simple design would be the best choice.

One user who is colour blind claimed that it’s “worse” for them to see.

“The 2011 version was best for red-green colourblind,” they stated.

Hu replied that the logo was released earlier “to get valuable feedback” to “make sure they work well for everyone” once they’re finally out.

The updated designs are expected to appear in the wild over the next few months.

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