ChromeChrome Web Store badges will help you to find...

Chrome Web Store badges will help you to find great extensions.



 We’ve always intended to make it easier for users to find excellent extensions and recognize the developers of the extensions. Today, we’re announcing two amazing extensions badges that will help us achieve our goal: to develop the Featured badge and an Established Publisher badge. Both badges are available on the Chrome Web Store now.

The badge that was featured during the program

The badge” Featured” is only given to extensions that meet our highest standards in technical excellence and are of an excellent user-friendly design and user experience. Chrome team members scrutinize each extension before when they award the badge, with an attention to the following factors:



  1. Compliance with Compatibility to Chrome Web Store’s best practices guidelines includes offering a pleasant and user-friendly experience with the platform’s most current APIs while respecting the privacy and security of users.
  2. A Listing page for easy and user-friendly stores, with high-quality photos and a thorough description.

The logo of the established publisher



The badge for an established publisher is a badge that recognizes publishers who have proven their identity and proven that they comply with the rules that govern the program for developers. The badge is awarded to those who meet the following standards:

  1. It was the identity of the author verified.
  2. The developer has developed an unshakeable record with Google Services and has complied with the Developer Program Policy.

Since our mission is to assist users in discovering wonderful extensions, publishers cannot make a payment for every badge. However, they may apply that the extension is considered for the badge Featured through the single-stop assistance page (under My item, I’d like to propose your extension …).

If you’re a publishing company, find out more about getting and registering on the Google the Web Store.

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fatima khan
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