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Apple’s self-driving vehicles travelled more than 13,000 miles in California last year


Apple Car’s auto-driving tech has been confirmed to have driven more than 21,000 kilometers or 13,000 miles by 2021 under an updated filing of Apple Car. This Cupertino technology giant makes up the California Department of Motor Vehicles or the D.M.V.

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Self-Driving Apple Car’s

The speculation about Apple’s secret plans for cars went for years.

In reality, evidence has proved that a company included changes to the previously reported executive team and the rumored partners.

However, the iPhone maker has yet to verify the validity of its car-related project.

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According to the report from Jalopnik, the document proves that Apple has been working on self-driving tech in its car development program.

The publication also pointed out that the D.M.V. requires companies who test their self-driving systems to track the miles they’ve driven to a minimum on roads of California.

It is vital to be aware that other automakers that are E.V., such as Waymo and Cruise, are too submitting applications to test the autonomous vehicle.

The largest E.V. maker Tesla is owned by the Musk family of Elon Musk. Tesla did not submit this type of paper for its self-driving tech in 2021.

Although Apple Car’s self-driving tech is yet to be officially announced by Apple Car, the iPhone maker, the company has disclosed the number of miles it’s currently driving.

From an overall perspective, the filing made by Apple Car revealed that its self-driving technology has already completed a total of 20,921 kilometers of tests from the beginning of last year.


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 Testing Fleet Of Apple Car

On top of that, It was discovered that the Disengagement document from the California D.M.V. could show the number of vehicles Apple has authorized to try out its autopilot technology.

The range of test vehicles for Cupertino gigantic comprises 37 cars. However, only 35 of them were in the test of 22,000 miles in the year before. Two vehicles were excluded from the test because the application didn’t disclose the reasons in an interview published in Gizmodo.

The report also revealed that Apple claimed they commanded humans to assume control of the self-driving technology in various circumstances.

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Drivers who participated in the test conducted by Apple had to supervise the vehicles in 662 different scenarios. The mean of disengagements in the tests is one for every 32 kilometers.
The Cupertino company also revealed other problems their test drivers have had to deal with the technology behind the cars.
In some instances, the auto-driving program did not comply with driving rules. In addition, there were occasions when the system was not obeying the traffic signal.
It’s impressive that Apple has been testing the car’s concept on roads of California without divulging any photos of its research.

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