NEWSAn even smaller independent display could be used to...

An even smaller independent display could be used to serve as Apple Event’s “wildcard.”


Rumours of the monitor have been floating around.

An even smaller independent display could be used to serve as Apple Event's "wildcard."

We’d given up hope that Apple’s standalone monitor would ever be realized. However, recent rumours have made us hopeful that it’s not happening, but it could be on its road by Tuesday.

In his latest Power On Newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman mentions that, together with the iPhone SE, iPad Air and a new upgraded Mac, “a fourth ‘wild card’ announcement may be on the horizon” at the Apple. “Peak Performance” event. It could be referring to various things, according to Gurman. However, the most interesting could be “the unveiling of the brand new next-generation monitor. “

While he’s not sure, Gurman says he “wouldn’t be able to exclude” getting a glimpse of Apple’s next-generation external display at the conference that will take place on Tuesday. Gurman states that Apple has finished the display development in the latter part of 2013 and is scheduled to debut in the coming months after its MacBook Pro unveiling in October.

As if the report was not enough to be enough, a tweet from the Twitter account, which claims to belong to Ming-Chi Kuo, announced over Saturday that a “more easily accessible display (27-inch without a miniature LED)” is scheduled to be launched around 2022. The account does not offer any additional information, but it did appear only a few hours before the announcement by Gurman.

In the meantime, 9to5Mac reported last week that Apple is working on the 7-inch Apple Studio display.

Apple was once thought to be working on the 27-inch screen, but it seemed purely an assumption. However, these reports are the most credible information we’ve received to date and suggest that the display is nearing being launched at Tuesday’s launch party.

Apple initially introduced a cost-effective display that was a standalone device in 2016, after it had stopped production of its 27-inch thunderbolt monitor. The show came out in the year 2011. The $199 monitor can be used as a docking station with 3 powered USB 2.0 ports. They also feature FireWire 800, a gigabit Ethernet port, and a Thunderbolt port. It also comes with an integrated Thunderbolt cable and an all-purpose MagSafe cable that connects with the MacBook.

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