Graphic CardsAMD Radeon 6500XT currently is 35% less

AMD Radeon 6500XT currently is 35% less


What happened? What happened? In a scenario, we had not expected to see for quite a while the latest graphics card is available at a substantial discount to the estimated retail price of the manufacturer (MSRP). However, some restrictions include the widely discredited Radeon RX 6500 XT, and it’s also available in Germany. The fact that it’s 35% less than MSRP provides another indication that the long-running GPU problem is starting to be eased.

As per Tom’s Hardware, German retail giant Mind factory offers a PowerColor AMD Radeon 6500 XT priced at EUR169 including VAT (at the time as of making this post) at 35% less than the typical EUR229 MSRP. The price immediately transforms into $189, and when the sales tax of 19% in Germany is removed, it will be $159. There’s a dual-fan Fighter model, which costs 10 euros more.

A quick lookup on Newegg will bring up two AMD Radeon 6500 XT cards available for auction with the XFX model, priced at $253, and the $224 Asrock card. Both are priced higher than the MSRP of $200. If Mindfactory’s discount is added to US MSRP, then RDNA 2 model will be sold for $130. RDNA 2 models are expected to be sold for $130.

Mindfactory started selling their Radeon RX 6500 XT beneath MSRP 3 weeks back. The company has since reduced the price initially set at EUR199 down to just EUR169.

It is confirmed that the GPU market in Germany might reflect trends that are on the radar or in the future. But the most important thing is the model being discussed. We were not pleased about our experience with the Radeon RX 6500 XT, and our personal Steve Walton called it the most ineffective GPU release. The limitations of PCIe x4, along with the fact that it has 4GB of RAM and the inability to encode graphics using hardware, led to a score of just 20. This is why it’s the only GPU with an MSRP.

There are numerous reports lately suggesting that the issue of a shortage of graphics cards caused by chip chips has been resolved because cards are now available at the lowest price in Germany from 2021. AMD and Nvidia’s AIB associates are offering discounts on their GPUs, and sales have grown in the final quarter. All of these indicate that the price hikes and lack of supply might be closing in and will decrease the need for customers to take the cards out of storage facilities.

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